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    Regular Season Records


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    Regular Season Records

    Post by Larry on Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:42 am

    Regular Season Records

    Most Points in a Single Week172.28The SwinesStiff Arm Ball Tuckers2013
    Fewest Points in a Single Week35.76DMENStorm Riders2014
    Lowest Score By Winning Team63.02Pass Rush CityThe GoldenBoys2015
    Highest Score By Losing Team133.72Project BadassGo Go Chargers2016
    Largest Margin of Victory96.80Pass Rush CityU Will Lose2014
    Smallest Margin of Victory0.10Go Go ChargersREEBS2012
    Most Combined Points in a Single Game299.82Go Go Chargers (166.10)Project Badass (133.72)2016
    Least Combined Points in a Single Game105.34Pass Rush City (63.02)The GoldenBoys (42.32)2012
    Highest Point Total in a Single Season1,673.34Storm Riders2013
    Lowest Point Total in a Single Season876.84The Swines2015
    Best Points Differential in a Single Season379.66Go Go Chargers2014
    Worst Points Differential in a Single Season-408.64The Swines2015
    Best GM Rating in a Single Season154.9Go Go Chargers2014
    Worst GM Rating in a Single Season26.9Project Badass2015
    Longest Winning Streak8The Grimace2014
    Longest Losing Streak11REEBS2014
    Longest Playoff Season Streak4The Grimace2012-Present
    Longest Non-Playoff Season Streak4The GoldenBoys2012-Present
    Most Wins (All Time)36The Grimace-
    Most Loses (All Time)29The GoldenBoys & Project Badass-
    Most Points Scored (All Time)5,567.68The Grimace-
    Most Points Against (All Time)5,405.60Project Badass-
    Most Division Titles2The Grimace-
    Most Winning Seasons4The Grimace-
    Most Losing Seasons3Project Badass & The GoldenBoys-
    Most Records Held/Shared53 tied-
    Most Points, QB (Single Week)46.28Storm RidersPeyton Manning2013
    Most Points, RB (Single Week)40.80U Will LoseMarshawn Lynch2014
    Most Points, WR (Single Week)45.40Go Go ChargersAndre Johnson2013
    Most Points, TE (Single Week)37.40Stiff Arm Ball TuckersRob Gronkowski2014
    Most Points, K (Single Week)25.00Patriot BallzCairo Santos2015
    Most Points, DEF (Single Week)41.00Pass Rush CitySeattle2012
    Most Points, QB (Single Season)389.08Cam Newton2015
    Most Points, RB (Single Season)343.00Jamaal Charles2013
    Most Points, WR (Single Season)316.40Antonio Brown2014
    Most Points, TE (Single Season)260.50Jimmy Graham2013
    Most Points, K (Single Season)178.00Stephen Gostkowski2013
    Most Points, DEF (Single Season)222.00Chicago2012
    Easiest Schedule (Single Season)1,100.14 (84.63 PPG)Stiff Arm Ball Tuckers2015
    Hardest Schedule (Single Season)1,628.12 (116.29 PPG)Stiff Arm Ball Tuckers2013

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